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Set of unique ceramic, stoneware dishes in the shape of women’s silhouette for powdery spices (salt, pepper, carry…). Standing in a row will create one of kind table or fireplace decoration.
Each of them has got exceptional tint shade spotted with turquoise, copper or black. Just a suggestion – white can be used for salt, fiery for curry and darkest for pepper.
Obtained color effects are unique and each of the dish is a small piece of art by itself. Buying this set you can be sure no one on earth has got the same at home. Thanks to them, your room will become really special.
Made from stoneware, fired in 1200C, not glazed. 5.5 inch high (14cm).

***Water proof, hand wash is recommended***

Each item from my shop will be protected, carefully packed and shipped.

If you have any questions regarding this item or any other from my shop, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Please also contact me if you would like to add a note for a friend or pack for present with no additional charges.
Customer satisfaction is very important and I answer any questions or concerns

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